Introduction to Digital Smile Design in Toronto, ON

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Digital smile design (DSD) is a technique that enables Dr. Alireza Firouzeh to show you what the result of your treatment will look like before it takes place. The virtual design software uses images and scans of your teeth, gums, lips, and face to create a precise 3D model of your oral cavity. The 3D model allows Dr. Firouzeh to plan every step of your procedure per your aesthetic expectations and guarantee the results meet your satisfaction.

What is Digital Smile Design (DSD) software?

Patients get smile enhancement treatments to improve the aesthetic of their smile and correct imperfections. In the past, smile design was a lengthy process, and there was no easy way for a patient or dentist to see what the treatment results would look like before a procedure. DSD makes it possible to customize, plan, and visualize the result of a procedure prior to treatment.

Instead of hoping for results, our DSD software ensures that your procedure results are precisely what you and Dr. Firouzeh designed. The software features a sophisticated planning tool that combines 2D images with 3D impressions to create a virtual model of your face and mouth. As Dr. Firouzeh adjusts elements of your smile design in the software, the custom model shows you an accurate and realistic visualization of the results.

Dr. Firouzeh uses digital models to quickly create mockups so you can feel and see the results before the design is finalized. Once you are satisfied with your smile design, the digital model of your perfect smile becomes the file used to create the temporary and final restoration. We send the DSD file directly to the restoration fabricator to create your new teeth using the same design and model.

Digital Smile Design Procedure Explained:

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The first step of the digital smile design process is to schedule your initial consultation at our office with Dr. Firouzeh.

Consultation and Information Gathering

During your consultation, Dr. Firouzeh will gather information on your medical history and discuss the outcomes you hope to achieve. After discussing the details of your case, the next step is to collect the required information for the DSD model.

Dr. Firouzeh will collect digital information depicting the structure and aesthetics of your teeth. Our team takes high-resolution photos from various angles and short videos of you speaking and smiling to create a functional 3D impression of your teeth and face. Once the software makes a digital model, you and Dr. Firouzeh can begin building a virtual simulation of your dream smile.

Designing and Approving Your New Smile

The DSD software uses detailed information from your scans, videos, and photos to generate various possibilities for achieving your desired results. You will get the final word on moving forward when the design is ready for review.

DSD techniques make it easy to revise your design in real-time, so you can feel free to fine-tune as much as you want. Once you are happy with your new smile and approve the final plan, we will proceed with the procedure.

You can rest assured that your new smile will perfectly match your digital smile design. The DSD procedure that follows your DSD process is unique for each patient and will depend on the treatment recommendations you and Dr. Firouzeh approve. Schedule your free digital smile design consultation with Luma Dental or call our office for more information.

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