Our Technology

At Luma Dental, we’re committed to embracing the forefront of technology to provide exceptional care. When you visit our office, you can be confident that Dr. Firouzeh, Dr. Niafar, and our team leverage the digital technology to elevate the quality and precision of your dental treatments.

Our clinic employs microscopes with high-power capabilities, elevating the precision of patient care. Similar to the microscopes used by ophthalmologists, these instruments enable us to achieve remarkably accurate dental restorations. The intricate work of dentistry, akin to micro-surgery, demands such precision which is unattainable to the naked eye.

In addition to ensuring close and precise work, these microscopes minimize glare by directing focused light onto the teeth.

While many dentists utilize air-driven “hand-pieces” or drills, we take it further by using electric hand-pieces for the most meticulous restorative procedures. This results in exceptionally precise connections between your natural tooth and any new dental work, ensuring both comfort and accuracy. Using electric hand-pieces also reduces vibration and noise for a more pleasant experience.

Digital Imaging

Following established guidelines, Dr. Firouzeh and Dr. Niafar carefully select when and which radiographs to take. Radiographs provide insight beyond what the naked eye can perceive, detecting cavities between teeth, assessing bone health, and examining tooth roots and nerves. These images are indispensable for diagnosing, treating, and maintaining dental well-being. With digital imaging technology, exposure time is significantly reduced compared to traditional radiographs, minimizing radiation while allowing for enhanced diagnostic accuracy. Furthermore, digital images can be easily shared with specialists and insurance providers.

Cone Beam CT Scanner

We are thrilled to introduce our technology addition, the Cone Beam CT scanner, a technology that provides three-dimensional X-ray images of your mouth and jaws. This innovation greatly benefits various treatments by offering precise in-house information. From implant planning to wisdom teeth surgery and tooth crack diagnosis, this scanner elevates the accuracy of our dental care.

Soft Tissue Laser Treatment

At Luma Dental, we harness the power of soft tissue laser treatment. This technology enables our dentists to perform various dental procedures efficiently and effectively. Soft tissue lasers are particularly transformative for common and uncommon procedures, allowing precise adjustments. They reshape gum tissue, providing a solid foundation for restorations, and can also enhance the appearance of smiles. Moreover, soft tissue lasers are ideal for treating children with restricted tongue movement and aiding babies with breastfeeding difficulties.

Intraoral Camera

Our practice integrates Intraoral Camera technology, enhancing your comprehension of your diagnosis. This small yet powerful camera captures detailed images of your mouth, teeth, and gums, surpassing what standard mirror examinations can reveal. This technology translates to quicker diagnoses, reducing chair time. Additionally, the images can be stored for a lasting record of treatments, shareable with specialists, labs, and insurance providers.

TRIOS Intraoral Scanner

At Luma Dental, your comfort and efficiency are paramount. The 3Shape TRIOS scanner is a cornerstone of our commitment. Compatible with all our treatments, from crowns to implants, the TRIOS scanner grants us meticulous control over your smile transformation. Say farewell to messy impressions, as high-quality digital impressions improve diagnostics and communication. This scanner streamlines diagnosis and treatment planning by capturing real-time bite data, ultimately reducing visits and chair time. The TRIOS scanner is renowned for its accuracy and consistency, offering a superior experience compared to traditional impressions.

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