Root Canal Therapy in Toronto, ON

Root canal therapy is a treatment that involves removing injured or diseased dental pulp from a tooth. The innermost layer of the tooth, known as the dental pulp, houses blood vessels and nerves. Tooth decay, infection, or trauma can impact the dental pulp, leading to significant dental pain. Removing the dental pulp eradicates this pain while retaining the tooth’s function.

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Signs You Require Root Canal Treatment

Specific tell-tale symptoms can point to the need for root canal therapy in Toronto, ON. These include:

  1. Persistent toothaches
  2. Tooth discoloration
  3. Heightened dental sensitivity
  4. Swollen or tender gums
  5. Recurrent pimples on your gums

These symptoms tend to develop over an extended period. Sometimes, our Toronto dentist may recommend root canal therapy even if you’re not showing these symptoms.

What to Expect

Root canal treatment is similar to a deep tooth filling in that it involves drilling through and accessing the inner parts of a tooth. Our dentists perform the following steps during root canal treatment:

  1. First, dentists obtain dental X-rays to determine the curvature of your root canals. Our dentists must understand the structure of the canals to eliminate all dental pulp and prevent re-infection.
  2. Next, dentists numb your tooth using local anesthesia. Sometimes, our dentists administer sedation to help the patient relax.
  3. Dentists then use a dental drill to make an access hole in your tooth. This hole allows dentists to remove the decayed or inflamed dental pulp.
  4. After eliminating the diseased dental pulp, our dentists clean and disinfect the canals to eliminate harmful microflora.
  5. Finally, dentists seal the canals with gutta-percha material.
  6. In cases of extensive damage, our dentists may opt to rebuild your tooth using a dental crown.

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