Gum Grafting Treatment in Toronto, ON

At Luma Dental, we understand the importance of healthy gums for your overall oral hygiene. Gum recession, a common condition, can lead to serious consequences if left untreated, including tooth sensitivity and tooth loss. Gum recession can result from several factors, such as periodontal disease or aggressive tooth brushing. Fortunately, gum grafting is a specialized surgical procedure that effectively addresses gum recession and restores your gum health.

Preparing for Gum Grafting

When you visit our dental office in Toronto, our experienced dentists, and periodontists will begin by providing a comprehensive diagnosis and consultation. We recognize the significance of seeking professional advice to evaluate the severity of gum recession and determine the suitability of gum grafting treatment for you. Our team will carefully evaluate your oral health to recommend the most appropriate gum grafting technique, considering factors such as your oral health and personal preferences.

Gum Grafting Procedure

Our gum graft surgery is performed with precision and care to ensure optimal results and minimal discomfort. To ensure a pain-free experience, we use local anesthesia to numb the treatment area. For patients who experience anxiety or nervousness, we also offer additional sedation options for a relaxed and stress-free procedure.

During the gum grafting procedure, our skilled dental professionals carefully harvest graft tissue from either the patient’s own palate or a donor tissue source. Each option offers unique benefits and limitations, which we will thoroughly discuss with you during the consultation to help you make an informed decision.

Once the graft tissue is prepared, the graft placement process begins. We will guide you through the step-by-step explanation of the procedure, and our expert team will skillfully secure the graft in place, followed by suturing the area to facilitate proper healing.

Post-Operative Care and Recovery

Your comfort and well-being are our main priorities. After the gum grafting procedure, we will provide detailed instructions on managing pain and discomfort effectively. We may recommend medications or over-the-counter options to alleviate any post-operative discomfort.

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene during the healing process is essential for successful results. Our dental experts will provide personalized instructions on how to properly care for your gums. Additionally, we will offer dietary guidelines to promote healing and avoid potential complications.

We encourage all our patients to attend follow-up visits with our dentist or periodontist to monitor the healing progress and promptly address any concerns or complications. Your gum health is paramount to us, and we are committed to supporting you throughout your recovery journey.

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We take pride in offering gum grafting treatment in Toronto to restore your gum health and prevent further complications associated with gum recession. If you are experiencing gum recession or have any concerns about your gum health, we encourage you to seek professional advice and consider gum grafting as a viable treatment option.

Our dental office provides a friendly and welcoming environment where you can get expert care and guidance for your oral health needs. Don’t let gum recession compromise your beautiful smile; contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards healthy gums and overall oral health.

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