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Are you tired of hiding your discolored, misshapen, or chipped smile? Our dentists have a lasting solution for you—veneers. A veneer is a shell bonded to a tooth to restore its appearance. Veneers near you are crafted from either porcelain or composite resin, precisely tailored to blend seamlessly with the natural shade of your smile. Veneers are ideal for discolored, misshapen, misaligned, worn, and chipped teeth. You can also get veneers in Toronto, ON, to close gaps between your teeth.

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How are Veneers Made?

Veneers are made from a patient’s dental impressions. Before taking these impressions, our dentists prepare your teeth by trimming off some tooth enamel. The amount of tooth enamel removed is proportional to the veneers’ thickness. Our dentists begin by numbing your teeth with local anesthesia to successfully perform this process.

After reshaping your teeth and obtaining your impressions, dentists cover your now-trimmed teeth with temporary restorations. Then, on your second visit, our dentists in Toronto, ON, remove the restorations and replace them with permanent veneers.

Veneers transform your less-than-impressive smile into a stunning work of art. If you’ve been battling self-consciousness because of your smile, we welcome you to Luma Dental to learn if dental veneers will work for you.

Conventional Vs. No-Prep Veneers

Conventional veneers typically require two to three visits spread over several weeks. In contrast, no-prep veneers are more time-efficient. As their name suggests, our dentists can install no-prep veneers with minimal to no tooth preparation.

No-prep veneers tend to be thinner than conventional veneers, and that’s why they don’t require significant tooth reshaping. In addition, since they’re placed within a single visit, you don’t have to contend with temporary veneers.

However, no-prep veneers aren’t always ideal for every situation. For instance, since they’re thinner, they may not successfully mask the appearance of severely discolored teeth. Therefore, we advise that you discuss your options with our dentists before deciding.

Transform Your Smile

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