Dental Crowns in East York & Riverdale, ON

A crown is a custom cap for a damaged tooth. Crowns near you restore dental function and appearance and fix numerous dental challenges.

Crowns are made from porcelain, metal alloy, porcelain fused with metal, zirconia, stainless steel, and composite resin. These materials offer different pros and cons. Our dentists are happy to discuss the challenges and advantages of each material to help you make an informed decision.

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Reasons for Crowns

Our dentists typically recommend dental crowns for the following situations:

  • To support large tooth fillings.
  • To rebuild severely decayed teeth.
  • To cap dental implants.
  • To support dental bridges.
  • To transform misshapen, worn, and discolored teeth.

If you’re looking to determine if dental crowns in Toronto, ON, are ideal for your circumstances, please book a consultation with our dentists.

What to Expect

Dental crowns are made from a patient’s dental impressions. Before receiving dental crowns, prerequisite treatments are usually performed. These are based on the patient’s unique needs. For instance, a patient with severely decayed teeth may require root canal therapy before getting dental crowns. Likewise, dental implant surgery may be performed beforehand if you’d like to replace your missing teeth with crowns.

After completing the prerequisite steps, our dentists obtain your impressions and share them with the dental lab. Next, the lab team fabricates your custom crowns from your preferred material. On your subsequent visit, dentists cement the crowns to your teeth, revealing your brand new and improved smile.

Traditionally, dental crowns require approximately three dental visits. However, with the advent of CAD/CAM same-day dentistry, patients can get crowns within a single visit. Same-day ceramic crowns allow you to restore your smile instantly while eliminating temporary crowns and multiple appointments.

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