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At Luma Dental, our unwavering dedication to delivering the utmost patient care is epitomized by our utilization of dental technology in dental imaging and scanning. These innovative technologies empower us to craft and employ intricate, three-dimensional visualizations encompassing your teeth, gums, jawbone, and oral cavity.

Understanding CBCT Scan

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) represents a significant leap from conventional X-ray imaging, furnishing superior intricacy and three-dimensional renderings previously unattainable. When regular X-rays fall short of providing the desired level of detail, the CBCT scanner produces clearer and more defined visuals. It imparts a comprehensive three-dimensional portrayal of oral structures, a feat not achievable through traditional X-rays alone. This three-dimensional panoramic capability also reveals the pathways of nerves and soft tissues within the mouth, aspects that remain obscure in two-dimensional X-rays. With CBCT scanner imagery, Dr. Firouzeh can meticulously devise treatment strategies with heightened precision. Importantly, the three-dimensional panoramic imaging achieved through the CBCT scanner resembles the outputs of traditional CT scans, yet it involves lower radiation exposure for patients.

CBCT Technology in Action

CBCT scans are swift and painless procedures. Patients remain seated or standing while a mechanized apparatus circumnavigates their heads. This apparatus accommodates the x-ray emitter and detector on opposing sides, synchronously pivoting them to capture a sequence of rapid images. The result is a collection of hundreds of two-dimensional snapshots that are digitally amalgamated to formulate a comprehensive three-dimensional representation. This intricate visualization permits us to examine your oral cavity and cranial structure from diverse perspectives, enabling detailed examination of areas of interest in high resolution.

Cone Beam CT Scans Procedure

Distinct from conventional CT scans that often evoke feelings of confinement, dental cone beam CT scans involve no enclosure. Our CBCT scanner encircles your head while you remain seated or standing. While you are required to remain motionless during the process, there is no confinement within a CT apparatus. The imaging procedure usually concludes within a minute to capture a complete craniofacial image, while targeted images of specific regions may necessitate as little as ten seconds.

3D Imaging through CS 8200 3D Neo Edition

Luma Dental proudly employs the CS 8200 3D Neo Edition CBCT Scanner. This technological marvel brings forth exceptional imaging resolution and a range of functionalities, including 2D panoramic imaging, object scanning, and cephalometric imaging. Our ability to tailor the field of view to precise clinical applications empowers us to guide patients in visualizing their treatment choices. Furthermore, this technology enables the creation of surgical guides and precise placement of dental implants, culminating in an elevated patient experience.

With the CS 8200 3D Neo Edition CBCT scanner at our disposal, we elevate patient care through enriched imagery, thereby simplifying the comprehension of their treatment journey. Enhanced software and expanded field-of-view options streamline the review and formulation of treatment plans, facilitating a more efficient, targeted, and personalized care approach for successful outcomes.

CBCT Scanning: Elevating Luma Dental’s Exceptional Care

At Luma Dental, the CBCT scanner constitutes a singular facet of our efforts to enhance patient well-being. For individuals seeking dental interventions, 3D imaging represents a breakthrough that harmonizes patient comfort with providing the quality imagery for our esteemed practitioners. The outcome is a suite of precise and professional solutions finely tailored to each patient. For further insights or to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact our office, Luma Dental.

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