February 4, 2024

If you’ve been considering same-day dental implants, you’re likely drawn to the benefit of having a fully restored smile when in a single day. Here’s what you can expect during the diagnosis to treatment phase of receiving same-day dental implants.

At Luma Dental, we use a digital, computer assisted approach during the planning process to ensure the following benefits:

  • Safe and precise implant placement
  • Eliminate complications associated with poor implant positioning and orientation
  • Pre-design the entire surgical and restoration treatment plan prior to the procedure being performed on patient
  • Accomplish the whole treatment in less time and number of visits
  • Greater accuracy with remarkable and predictable outcomes

Same-Day Dental Implant Treatment Process

Step 1: Take comprehensive intraoral digital impression of your mouth to capture teeth anatomy and gum tissue accurately.


Step 2: Take Cone Beam CT Scan to precisely capture the anatomy of bone and teeth in 3 dimension, including anatomic landmarks such as sinus cavity or alveolar nerve canal.

Step 3: Cone Beam CT scans and oral scans are merged together to create an accurate 3D model of your jawbone, teeth and gum tissue.

CBCT image 03

Step 4: Virtual planning by a qualified lab technician, which involves digitally design the restoration that best fits the patients’ bite and jaw alignment and selecting the best size of dental implant length and diameter considering the available bone.

Step 5: Your dentist will approve the planned design after cross-referencing the data with your mouth and oral conditions.

Step 6: Fabrication of CAD/CAM surgical guide to translate all digital planning files to a plastic guide to used during the surgical procedure to guide and place the dental implant accurately.

Step 7: Temporary dental crown fabrication

Single Unit Zirconia Anterior Dental Crown

Step 8: Dental implant placement through the surgical guide


Step 9: Loading the dental implant immediately with a temporary dental crown in order to shape gum tissue anatomy which mimics the natural tooth.

Same-day dental implants are an innovative procedure that offers numerous benefits, making it ideal those seeking quick and efficient tooth replacement.

A primary benefit of same-day dental implants is the speed of the procedure. Unlike traditional implant methods that require multiple appointments spanning several months, same-day implants streamline the process. With advancements in technology and implant techniques, your dentist can now place implants and attach crowns in a single visit. You can now leave with a fully restored smile in just a few hours.

The rapid replacement of missing teeth helps prevent bone loss, a common issue associated with tooth loss. By promptly filling the gap with an implant, the jawbone receives the necessary stimulation, maintaining its density and structure. Contact us to learn more or to schedule your consultation today.

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